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Neil Mackie - Lead Vocals & Guitar


Epiphone Les Paul Standard Limited Edition

 Peavey Raptor (heavily customised with Seymour Duncan pickups, custom hardware - the only thing original's the wood!)

Ibanez RG170 (with Roland GK3 MIDI pickup & Fernandes Sustainer)

 Steinberger Spirit Pro

 Seagull Entourage Rustic CW 6 string electro acoustic

 Freshman 12 string electro acoustic

 Walden 6 string classical electro acoustic

 Savannah electro acoustic mandolin


 Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth

 Korg AX3000G guitar multi effects

 Danelectro Freespeech Talkbox

 Blackstar ID60TVP guitar amp

Line 6 G30 Wireless System

 AKG "The Bug" Wireless System

 Shure In Ear Monitoring

 4 of Shure SM58 microphones


 Ibanez Roadstar bass

 Overwater Aspiration Elite 5 string bass

 Mania fretless bass

 Fender Ashbury fretless bass

 Various and diverse bass, PA, recording and lighting equipment - Behringer, Carlsbro, Peavey, Altec, Boss, Tapco, Gallien Krueger, Hartke, Roland.

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