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News From The Shine


Please feel free to check out this section for various updates and news about The Shine!

When we started The Shine we had the concept of a band that "played material we wanted to play and that audiences would love to hear". Ultimately, every gig has to give our audience a great night.
With this in mind, Andy, Gordon, Alan & myself got together last week to refine our setlist. We're in a great place with the band and decided to park the "Oh God, not that song" material and focus on bringing in some new and exciting songs. The other great thing is this keeps us fresh and exciting.
We're really proud of our reputation in giving audiences a fantastic night's entertainment and are going from strength to strength. All we ask in return is you come along to see us and support our venues by buying drinks!

Wow! Just, Wow!


Well, it may seem as if it's been a bit quiet in Camp Shine for the past month or two - couldn't be further from the truth!

The new line up have been working their socks off creating a new and vibrant sound with the band. It's incredible how Gordon & Alan have breathed a new life into the band - and we can't wait to hit the road and let you all hear what we're up to! The gigs are starting to flow in so shouldn't be too long until we're coming round your way. Until then we'll be working on new material and getting tighter than a duck's ass on a frosty morning.

Nice to see that Gordon has all his Cry Wolf / Abel Ganz moves up to scratch so, not only will we sound great, we'll look rockin' too. Gordon is now also radioed up to join the walkabout and table climbing lunacy perfected by Andy & Neil.


As a side project, Gordon & Neil are also working with Mike Baxter, Ken Weir and Renaldo McKim (under the mentorship of Hew Montgomery) on a new prog project - Long Earth!


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